Crafting Collectables

What is this crafting collectables business about?

As of Patch 5.3:
-RIP Collectable Synthesis Ability
-RIP Old Rowena's


Collectable Crafting is as simple as it sounds: its crafting but with specific recipes.


Normally when crafting, your quality check will determine if the item kicked out at the end is HQ or not. In collectable mode, it is instead going to determine the collectable rating of the item. The higher the total, the better. Rowena's, Ishgardian Restoration and the various Custom Delivery agents all use this system. When doing collectable crafting, the HQ rating (in points) is divided by 10 for a collectable rating, truncated.





How to Collectable Craft

First, pick a recipe that you plan to do. Anything that can be done collectable will have several indications of it being collectable. 


Some items are strictly only for collectable purposes. As of Shadowbringers 5.1, any item that exists solely for collectables will be noted with a yellow sticker in the recipe book and will indicate as such. As of Shadowbringers 5.3, all regular collectable items are now buried under their own category.


Crafts that can be either normal/HQ or collectable will have appropriate UI for the state of crafting you are in. If the item is strictly collectable, it matters less if Collectable Synthesis is active. You can also tell if you have Collectable Synthesis active if you have the words right above the right hand side of the menu.



Craft like you normally would from here. Once you complete a craft, it will complete as a collectable item. Turn the item in at the correct location and obtain rewards!