Selene's Gathering Set

So Jen and I sat down to try to create a gearset to hit all breakpoints in the Diadem for gathering while using cheap food - in this case, NQ Mushroom Sautee that can be vendored in The Crystarium. A preview of this is here.

We know this is not what The Balance or any other theory crafters say. This is just what we're going with and it works dammit.  EDIT: We changed out a meld on Ring#2 so FSH made cutoffs.

5.41 note: This meld set misses the new gathering/perception breakpoints of 2740 and 2642 for Yield +2 without food. NQ Mushroom Sautee, vendorable from Hanji-Fae in the Crystarium, will be enough to get over those two breakpoints.

This set assumes HQ of the entire 490 Gathering sets. Breakpoints are very hard to hit with anything under this 490 set.


Click Image for Larger Version


Jen, took your name off this one. I did the meld set on this one. You can claim the Crafting Set