Jen's Crafting Set

I asked. I'm delivering.

So, I asked a whole bunch of ya'll if you'd be interested in some gigabrain level maxed out meld sets for crafter gear. So, providing two links below. I don't have a 21:9 monitor, so I can't do a fancy spread showing all the melds at once.

I do. And I provided screenshots. - Selene

Also, going to have the discussion here instead of in callout boxes below. I had a bit of a philosophical discussion with a few of people regarding the value of three different CP 1 melds. The Head, Chest and Gloves all are 8/9 CP HQ. By how I had setup the melds, there are two alternatives that'll fit into that 5th slot: +14 Craftsmanship or +4 Control, as the remaining points available is 712/813 and 255/259 respectively. Either materia that fits these slots perfectly, Craftsmanship 7 or Control 4, are relatively inexpensive even when given the 5% or 20%. So, it comes down to preference. I'm giving links to the MAX CP and MAX CP-3 + Craftsmanship to give an idea of what this looks like.

The difference is ultimately three whole CP.

i490 MAX CP (2738/2779/557):


i490 MAXCP-3+Craftsmanship (2780/2779/554):