General Tips and Tricks

There's no order to this for now.

  • Sprites are basically a waste of your bazooka if you are level 80. If you're not making level 80 crafts, fire away. Yes, this is a change to the old advice!
  • Items are appraised in batches of 5 for patch 5.31 instead of the previous 10. This means the change to monster drops is not a nerf, but a wash. With nodes having 5 swings without buffs, it's honestly a wash overall. This trend continues in 5.41.
  • There's not too much use in using the extra gathering attempt skill on legendary nodes, unless you expect to make multiple trips. You will be left with a remainder.
  • Fish are appraised in batches of 1.
  • Spiritbonding is STUPID FAST. Bring all possible Spiritbonding buffs (FC, potent pots, etc)
  • Unusual Weather means a new Umbral (Legendary) node is popping. 
  • Approved materials can be traded and sold on the marketboard.
  • Level 75+ can see the Umbral nodes. (Verified 75+ by Aruina Demios @ Goblin able to use the node)
  • Weather is random per instance. (thanks to Reddit user /u/valensk) - This will make trackers hard to make.
  • Weather appears to change every 10 minutes real-time. It will alternate between Fair Skies and a special weather condition.
    (Thanks to Alyx Lunarfang @ Malboro for timing this and confirming for us!)
  • 40 swings (revalidated by L'aethen Sangrine @ Mateus, Grei Eisbeil @ Diabolos, and Inari Otsuma @ Coeurl) of BTN or MIN per shot of the bazooka. 5 shots can be banked up. A shot is an instakill of a Diadem mob.
  • Items for "Restoration(1)" recipes are completely unobtainable. Please look at and use only "Restoration(2)".
  • Cloud Cutters are basically useless, less than 5 scrip, but they are moochable. Use Mooch or Mooch II whenever possible.
  • There's a playlist floating around for alternate music: (thanks Sinya Mejhaal @ Malboro)
  • Players may now speak with the Face of the Firmament (X:11.5 Y:14.3) to be transported from the Mendicant's Court to Saint Roelle's Dais.
  • Square decided to change how mob drops work. The table shows lv80. Also affects fish desynth.
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