(Left: Selene Eos @ Diabolos. Right: Jennifer Vaelestraza @ Diabolos)

Thanks all for visiting and reading this (admittedly) work in progress guide. It's our first time putting together something, and it's been a pretty interesting day digging through the secrets of new day-1 content. Please excuse our terrible spelling, and some early misinformation. Also, excuse the terrible character screenshots. We'll fix it someday.

Patch 5.41 screen: (broken due to server error, will submit this later)

Further notes for 5.41: This was real hard to do this time around because Selene was not available what so ever to do the book this time around, as we're currently dealing with the ongoing problems of 2020 and 2020NG+. It has also taken me several days to get around to doing this as I, too, have been greatly affected and will eventually have to completely change my living conditions just to get by in the near future. This has been a blast to build as a living document over time, but it looks like this will be the last major update of the book.


Thank you to the 3AM Crystal Diadem group that really helped us get this off the ground. Shout chat was great, and was invaluable getting early information together. Also shoutout to those that reached out to me with corrections. I'm noting your contributions where I can!

5.31 Shoutout!

Crystal 3AM crew again, really came out to help! Special thanks to WildWolf#0001 from the Crystal Firmament Discord. You were a HUGE HUGE HUGE help getting the mob tables down.

Jennifer would also like to thank Fruity Snacks @ Malboro from the Master Baiter's Linkshell for the help with fishing tables. Now also thanking The Fisherman's Horizon Discord community for generating all the fishing info.

A huge thanks to Ikuni Kuni of Gilgamesh for making Etro. Holy shit, this is so much nicer than Ariyala for wanting to put together melds fast.

And thanks to Timmy Turner.