Diadem 3.1

FFXIV Patch 5.31

Jen and I have added in our gathering set for breakpoints with NQ food.

Thanks for checking out the Diadem page!

Selene Eos @ Diabolos
Discord: p2hang#0192

General Tips and Tricks

THIS IS BEING UPDATED FOR 5.31 There's no order to this for now. Sprites are basically a was...

Selene's Gathering Set

So Jen and I sat down to try to create a gearset to hit all breakpoints in the Diadem for gatheri...

Jen's Crafting Set

I asked. I'm delivering. So, I asked a whole bunch of ya'll if you'd be interested in some gigab...

Gathering Nodes

Now 5.31 Compliant! (99%)

Crafting Tables

Mob Drop Tables

All Monsters can be found on the center islands easily. Go there if you're looking for a specific...

Item Tooltips

Some item tooltips we've found that just make us chuckle, just for fun.   ...


Authors (Left: Selene Eos @ Diabolos. Right: Jennifer Vaelestraza @ Diabolos) Thanks all for ...

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