Diadem 3.1

FFXIV Patch 5.41

Jen and I have added in our gathering set for breakpoints with NQ food.

Thanks for checking out the Diadem page!

Selene Eos @ Diabolos
Discord: p2hang#0192

General Tips and Tricks

There's no order to this for now. Sprites are basically a waste of your bazooka if you are le...

Selene's Gathering Set

So Jen and I sat down to try to create a gearset to hit all breakpoints in the Diadem for gatheri...

Jen's Crafting Set

I asked. I'm delivering. So, I asked a whole bunch of ya'll if you'd be interested in some gigab...

Gathering Nodes

Now 5.41 Compliant! (99%)

Crafting Tables

Page(s) below are depreciated. Debate being had to update final pages or not.

Mob Drop Tables

All Monsters can be found on the center islands easily. Go there if you're looking for a specific...

Item Tooltips

Some item tooltips we've found that just make us chuckle, just for fun.   ...


Authors (Left: Selene Eos @ Diabolos. Right: Jennifer Vaelestraza @ Diabolos) Thanks all for ...

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